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Why Bhutan Biking & Motorcycle Tour getting much attention 2017 and 2018?

Motorcycle and biking tours are a fairly recent development in Bhutan but one that is increasingly becoming popular with visitors who want to experience the Himalayan kingdom in a different way as opposed to the standard designated car or bus to move around different locations.

Mountain Biking Tour in Bhutan

Bhutan’s winding mountain roads with umpteen hairpin bends that climb up and go down will make sure you experience the joy and pleasure of riding in the Himalayas.

Another added advantage of choosing a biking or bicycle tour to explore Bhutan is the absence of heavy traffic.

While traffic on Bhutanese roads is increasing it is nothing compared to neighboring India or Nepal.

This is largely because of the Bhutan’s small population. For detailed information ask your bhutan travel agency about traffic details, if you are uncomfortable about traffic. You will generally experience slight heavy traffic near on the 54 km Thimphu-Paro route, which is a beautiful stretch to bike of ride and along the 170 km highway connecting Thimphu with the border town of Phuentsholing, the country’s main trading port with India.

Once you move into the interiors traffic considerably thins out and you could be on the road for kms before you meet a vehicle coming from the other direction.

For bicycle yours you have the option of taking off-roads routes through villages and forests and along riverbanks.

Some of the trails were recently developed to cater not only to visitors but also to a growing number of off road bikers within the country.

A testimony to the growing interest of biking in Bhutan is the one day the Tour of Dragon Race, which takes in September. Regarded as one of the toughest one day biking races in the world the 260 km race, from the central district of Bumthang to Thimphu, goes over five mountain passes, which means climbing up and speeding downhill.

Biking and cycling tours can be customized to meet the requirements of the group of individual on the length of travel a day, preferred routes and places of interest. A bus with spares, medication, food and camping equipment normally trails all cycling and biking groups and a local guide, well versed with the routes, accompanies all groups on these exhilarating tours.

We provide the standard cycling equipment normally suited for such tours where it’s a week long cross-country ride or shorter off road rides to the mountaintop or the river-bank.

For biking the 500 CC Enfield bullet from India is normally used for such tours because of it is heavy, stable and powerful and ideal for Bhutan’s winding roads.

Some motorcycle groups actually bike into Bhutan from the Indian border and return the same way biking into India. If you have such an itinerary on your mind, let us know.

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